IMS Tank Is Leaking

My IMS fuel tank is leaking at the gas cap. I've replaced it a couple of times and the new gas cap solves the problem for a little while, but eventually gas starts leaking out after a few fill ups. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any fixes besides replacing the gas cap every few rides?

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"Yeah, that John Denvers full of shit man." Sorry I dont have any advice on your tank, but I love that line in Dumb and Dumber.

I think the rubber gasket inside the gas cap is separate from the cap, so you should be able to replace the gasket only.

What is the condition of the tank plastic, especially the neck and the threads? We've seen a lot of pictures on here of really crappy workmanship in the IMS molding process. Big bubbles, holes, pockets, etc. If the neck and threads have those sorts of defects, I don't think you'll ever get it to seal.

Try calling IMS and asking their people.

Try to call IMS they should work with you.

I've checked the threads on the filler neck and they look OK. I bought a couple of new caps today and I'll see how they do this weekend. The old cap feels like it's cross threaded but that seems like a hard thing to do with plastic. Oh well

That is sad, the IMS tanks look so good. Pick up a copy of dirtbike and all the offroad riders are using IMS tanks! Russ Pearson, Destry Abbott, Shane Watts, Glen Kearney......

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