xr600 1989 purchase

Happy New Year everyone

I am looking at purchasing an xr600 1989 model but the fellow who is selling it says that is is easy to start when cold but a bit of a pig when hot.

Could anyone give me any ideas on what would be causing this problem?

Your feedback would be appreciated.



Welcome! not sure about your prob. but you should find the answere here. How's the weather over there?

Could be the jetting.

The bike is very hard to start when hot. I am in Queensland and the weather is very hot. :applause:



You might be able to make it better by going up one size on your pilot (slow) jet. The carb is likely in the ball park but just needs a slight change. Hotter it is the bigger jet should help.

I have a 1989 xr600r , that can be the same way . I'm never sure what its going to take to start it up when its warm ( choke , no choke , half choke. ) most of the time it will fire right back up , but get somebody watching and expect to kick it 10-20 times.

I have done the jet thing ,and that helped. The bike is basically stock other than that. I think its they nature of the beast .

You might be able to make it better by going up one size on your pilot (slow) jet. The carb is likely in the ball park but just needs a slight change. Hotter it is the bigger jet should help.

If it starts easy when its cold, but not so easy when it warm and its hot outside, its too rich. Putting a bigger pilot in it will only make it worse. It probably just needs the fuel screw dialed in half a turn or so.

When the carb is right, they start easy. You dont even have to kick them very hard... :applause:

I totally agree with Shawn MC.

Easy cold starting/fast warm up is a condition of being on the rich side. Cold air is much more dense than hot air. When the bike is hot, incoming air is warmed and there is less O2 per volume, so your air/fuel mixture is changed. Does it smell like gas when trying to start it hot?

As mentioned check the fuel screw. It should be in the 2-2.5 turns out from fully seated postion. If that doesn't do it, make sure you are getting a good bit of air flow. Clean the airfilter, or replace with an aftermarket filter like a UNI. Remove any airbox restrictors like snorkels and such. Also check for any exhaust restrictions, the bike will run rich if the air can't get out. If all else fails, drop a step on the pilot jet.

My 1998 XR600R does the same thing. If it doesn't start with 2-3 kicks (hot), I hold the throttle wide open and she fires right up.

Thanks guys

Your feedback is appreciated.



Sounds like the XR6 is due for a decent tune up. Put in a new sparkplug (DPR8-EA9). Check your valve clearances, a valve with not enough clearance will not close completely when the engine warms up, causing the bike to idle high and be harder to start. Remove the carby and give it a good clean. Rejet it as follows-

-62 pilot jet

-165 main jet

-needle 3rd (middle clip position)

-float height 14.5 mm

-Airscrew 2.5 turns out

*All of these settings assume that the engine is stock with just the restrictors removed. With an engine that is modified, you will need to rejet the carby with richer (larger) jets. Try these things and it should fix your problem.

Good luck,


Check the simplest item first. That would be the idle speed. XRs can be very hard to start when hot if idle is turned down too low. So just crank up idle speed in increments and see if this helps. Then leave idle set at position where hot starting is good and do not turn back down.

Next thing to check is pilot circuit as mentioned.

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