Wrapping exhaust on XR650R

If I wrap the exhaust headers on my 650 with Thermo-tec heat wrap, will this not cause excessive heating of the muffler? I am still running the stock pipe. I am worried that the heat will be transferred into the muffler and the side cover will take the "hit". :applause:

This could be true, but who knows? I opted to have my header(s) ceramic coated inside and out and then have the canister coated just on the outside. No problems yet for me. Works and looks way better than that nasty header wrap.

Hey i' m happy for you to try it and get back. I'm thinking about it too. Seems like a cheap hp increase{claimed}. It would also take the heat away from your leg. I guess because the muffler is bigger is does not get hot. :applause:

I have aftermarket header and pipe, and they came with a thermal coating on them, I also wrapped the header pipes in thermaltec wrap, I put one wrap of it around the pipe where it contacts the plastic (it had already melted it a bit anyway) to keep the heat from the plastic.

and for the record, I didn't notice any HP gains, but it sure was nice to keep some of that heat off my legs :applause:

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