Stock WR suspension questions...

Getting closer to making up my mind on a WR vs. YZ, leaning toward the WR.

I am 200 lbs, 6'1", intermediate ability (well, that's questionable), ride mostly trails, hit some jumps, nothing huge! Will I need to spring, valve, etc. ?

Im also 6' 1" although I got about 25-30 pounds on ya. The stock suspension works pretty damn good. According to whoever answers the phone at race tech the valving on the wr and yz is the same. Im going to go with heavier springs front and rear as soon as I have the money, but thats because I do about 50% motocross. At my local track my stock wr only bottoms the forks on one jump.

I bought the wr because I wanted a do everything kind of bike. Im want to race motocross, race hare scrambles, ride 90 mph in the desert, jump sand dunes, tractor over logs in the woods. This bike seemed the best bike out there to handle all I want to throw at it.


The stock suspension will be awesome for you. You may need to play with the setings alittle, but it will handle anything you throw at it, and way more. Some guys think the front its a little stiff, but having played with those settings, I think I found a nice compromise. The stock springs should be fine for your weight. Im 20 lbs heavier than you, and I mx the bike alot, no problems. Up 4 clicks on the comp, 2 on the reb. Sag set in the rear. Nice. Took me a few months, but now this rocket can go big on the track, and haul ass everywhere else.

I know youve been thinking about this for a while. GO FOR THE WR! You wont be disappointed! Ask anyone on this board, and they'll prob say the same things!



Thanks again guys! I know I would be adding a lot of stuff to the YZ right off like O-ring chain, flywheel weight and would always be miffed I didn't get the lights (I know I would never spend the big bucks & time to add them.)

What about the bars & top clamp setup on the there a replacement adapter for fat bars that's more adjustable or is a new top clamp in order?

I just started thinking about the price of the 520...$7500 by the time they're done pounding it in your a$$...and I just cannot/will not spend that kind of dough on a bike I'm going to thrash in the woods, mud & rocks. I can get the WR for $5150 out the door, no payments, no interest until March...heck that's free money (for a while anyway!) That way I can get the bike and have time to sell my Husaberg...all without getting a divorce of it.

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