Late Rear Master Cylinder on Early WR/YZ?

Has anyone installed the later one piece rear brake master cylinder (the reservoir is part of the master cylinder casting) on an earlier bike that came with the remote reservoir master cylinder? Does the later unit fit? Are there any problems making it fit? :applause:

As you probably know, the earlier remote reservoir tends to melt and leak. I have a 2000 WR400 and I want to install the later (2003 and later I think) rear master cylinder so I don't have to replace the reservoir each time it melts.

I know the one piece master cylinder appeared on the '03 bikes. Are all the later ones (03, 04, & 05) the same?

Thanks for any advice you can give me! :bonk:


I'm waiting to hear the answer, I want to do the same thing. My guess is that it is a bolt-on.

If it helps any, I just went out to the garage to measure the center to center distance on the rear master cyl. mounting bolts for my '05 WR. It appears to be 2", or more likely 50mm. If your current mount has this bolt spacing, the new one will probably fit.

its a direct bolt on....there have been quite a few guys upgrade just to lose the reservoir.

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