Please Help! Melted Rear Master Cylinder Reservoir

I need help fixing a melted Rear Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir on my 426. I have a white brothers exhaust and I guess it was to close and touched the reservoir. It is melted pretty bad but the cap appears to be fine. The problem is no dealer carries them(in stock) and I need one by Saturday for a Harescramble. Does anyone know of a another year, make, or model that may fit. It does not appear to be leaking to bad. Worst case, If i had to silicone around the cap would that work to keep it form leaking. :applause:

I melted mine too when the mounting tab broke off and the whole reservoir melted onto the exhaust pipe. I just took off the m/c reservoir, and capped the hose end (make sure it's full of DOT4 brake fluid first). I used a small metal plug just slightly larger than the hose I.D., and then hose-clamped it to keep out the elements. Been working fine for years. The plug I used had some threads 1/2 way down, so I used several wraps of teflon tape to make a good sealing surface. I've checked the level yearly, nothing changes, and no evidence of contamination either.

When Junior broke his off the frame one day, I bought an '04 450 MC on e-bay for $40 and modernized it. On the '01 250F subframe, you have to cut the boss that holds the reservoir off to make it work.

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