2000 YZ426 Needs Parts

Hey Gang I need some help locating some parts......

I just picked up a 2000 YZ426....The Bike was raced for two years and has sat in a shop for three years.....! The bike is a little beat, but the price was right....! It has a lot of top shelf stuff already, but it's in need of some work.....I want get this YZ up and running as inexpensive as possible so maybe you can help me out.....I'm in need of a "stator/generator" base assembly, also I would like to pick-up an (Excel) front rim, and some plastic (minus the tank) for it. I've been all over the net for the stuff, but the stuff I'm finding is a little pricey.....My buddy suggested I go to Thumpertalk for the best help & suggestions out there, So here I am......Thanx Ironbear

sounds like everything you need is in the TT Store w/ the exception of the stator... give Don Waffle a call at the TT store and he will get you some prices on the parts.. If you find it cheaper elsewhere i do believe the TT Store has a 110% gaurunteee

Check Ebay for hard parts. Finding a wheel for cheap will prove to be a challange, but I bet you find everything else for a decent price. There's always a 426 or two being parted out on there.

www.rockymountainmc.com sells an Acerbis plastic kit (fenders, side panels & radatior shrouds) for $107.

I just sold a front wheel on Ebay for $98. It was an old ugly one but still round. I bought a nice shiny one last year for about $125. Ebay!!! :applause:

I have a stator from a 2002... not sure if its the same, but if your interested shoot me a pm.

Very Cool....Thanks for all the suggestions....I just nailed down all the plastic I needed from DirtMizer and I'm working on a couple of front wheel/ rim deals....As far as the 2002 stator fitting into a 2000, I don't know either, I'll check into it and give you a PM if I find out....

Too late.......Sale ended......Thanks anyways......

Hey IronBear looks like your getting some good tips and resources, I'll get with you on the plastic soon, does anybody know if 03 WR front fender, side number plates, rear fender, and fork guards will fit on a 2000 YZ426?? looks like the front fender is the same and I'll bet the fork guards will fit but not sure about the other stuff, actually not sure about any of it. If they fit I got you covered on those items. :applause:

go to the tt store im sure they can hook ya up

Right now I got the plastic lined up, and the wheel is on the way from Oregon state......The only thing is the stator, I missed one on ebay, and the local shops around here have no idea if a 2002 stator will fit on a 2000.....They say it looks the same in the pic's but without a side by side comparison, they couldn't say for sure.....Anyone out there know if Yamaha used the same stator from year to year on the YZ426's......?


You'd think the dealers would know....? Maybe I was talking to the wrong people at the dealership's, I don't know.....? :applause:

Hey Mizer, I got the pic's of the plastic and it sure looks like they'll fit just fine.....! Also, those TT flame graphics you got on your bike look great..... :thumbsup:

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