Checking timing adjusting valves on XL600R?

I recently picked up a used 1987 XL600R that has been sitting a while. I'm still sorting out and cleaning the carbs and gas tank, and replacing some of the rubber parts as it's been sitting for over a year.

Any tips or instructiosn for adjusting the valves and checking the valve timing (without the engine running). I have heard that the timing chains older XR/XL's have a tendency to slip.

Thanks in advance for the help.

for adjusting the valves - do it with the engine cold and roll it over to TDC ("T" on the flywheel aligned with the indexer point) the rocker should all feel a little loose when you are at TDC, make sure you have the plug removed too, makes turning it over easier. For cam timing same thing - has ot be at TDC. Remove the cam cover and check that the horizontal lines on the cam sprocket are flush with the head and the cam lobes down. Rarely does an XL/XR engine "jump" time it is usually the result of poor reassembly during a top end rebuild, I have encountered it more often than not. They will run a tooth off - but will not idle and foul plugs quickly, due to incomplete combustion / poor breathing. Make sure you install a fresh spark plug when you go to light it off for the first time.

I think I am narrowing down my broken valves to cam chain slip. I'll have to keep an eye on this thread...but 2006 is a long time ago! Most of the info I have found about my problem points to poor top-end set-up - but if the book is followed along with this forums good advice, the timing is very easy to set up.

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