Should I consider buying a 1998 YZ400F ?

To buy or not to buy. $2200.

for a 98.2000 at most.99 2400 at most

what do you plan on doing w/ it ????

If you look around you should be able to get a 2000 or 2001 426 for just slightly more.

Not to buy.

I got my 2000 426 in the spring of last year for 2500.

You can get a better deal than that!!!!

Dont do it man. The 400 had a lot of issues that were worked out with later models. Pay a bit more and get reliability and piece of mind.

$2200 is way to much. You can get a decent 426 for around $2200 to $2500 now a days.

I got my 99 400 for 26. The guy was asking 29. I don't think I spent too much as the bike is in really good condition.

I'm letting mine go soon. It will be under 2K. I can't see anything being stronger running for that much.

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