Best Bike to replace WR450?

I've got my fully decked out WR450 for sale. It's been a great bike, but it's too heavy to keep up with my friends in the desert (mainly Ocotillo Wells) who ride CRF450's and the new KX450F. I love the electric start on my WR450, speed and hill climbing ability, but do not enjoy it on the very technical rides (tight turns, etc).

I'm thinking about the CRF450, KX450 and new YZ450F. I would really appreciate any insight on trade-offs for dessert (not track riding). I want a bike that rips, is reliable, easy to start and above all - fun to ride.


From what I've heard from other TT'rs who own one, the YZ450 is all of that. It should be no less reliable than in past years, which puts it ahead of the CRF's of recent times, it starts easy, has a power curve that is a mirror of the CRF's and bumps into the 50hp range, and has a 5 speed as opposed to the 4 in the KXF. 4 speeds are OK in the desert (I run mine all the time) but it would be nice to have another one.

Stick to yamaha, you can't go wrong. You already know about maintenance, reliability and such.

Have a look at the KTM's, you guy's in the USA have a great range to choose from, and they are every bit reliable as the Yamaha's, but lighter.

My next bike how ever:

I am going through the same process. I am pretty sure I am trading in the WR for the YZ. I am just trying to figure out how many of my aftermarket parts I can switch over, like my GYT-R pipe, handlebars, ASV levers, and a few others. I love the looks of the 06 YZ's, I think I need one.

Man I love my Wr for the desert.

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