bikes and sand? problems?

I am thinking about a buying a wr426 02. The owner talked high of the bike but has ridden it a twice approx. 30 miles in the sand dunes with a paddle tire with no filter skins. Should i stay away from this bike because it might have ingested a little sand enough though the filter was oiled but no filter skins were used?

Does anyone remember if the 03 were electric start?

The '02 doesn't have the e-start.

sand is relatively large particle. if the filter was well oiled, there should be no harm.

If in doubt give it a compression test.

There Are To Many Good Used Bikes To Buy Something You Are Not Sure About.uunless It Is A Very Good Deal I Would Pass And Keep Your Piece Of Mind

I've taken mine to Pismo 3 times. And I'm very anal with my bike......

Only bad part about riding in sand is the after cleaning your bike would require. Sand gets everywhere.

I haven't needed a filter skin. As long as your filter is oiled properly your good to go.

i wouldnt worry about the owner not using filter skins as long as the filter was well oiled. i've never used filter skins, and i've never sucked any sand or dirt into my bike.

i saw a suggestion on another thread about buying used bikes. you could pull the filter out, and wipe a white cloth on the inside of the air boot to see if there is any dirt inside.


I thought the idea of filter skins is that you could pull if off and have a clean filter instead of swapping the filter? I would guess that 90% of bikes that are ridden in the sand don't have filter skins.

i have a yz250f thats gone to mexico for 1 week every year and i have never had a problem with sand in engine. it wouldnt run to well with scratches on the piston. just remember not to buy someone else's problem!

If the bike runs fine, then it is fine. Like the posts above suggest, if sand got IN the engine, you'd know it because it wouldn't run.

The only riding I've ever done is in the desert, so it sounds real funny to hear about worrying if sand will be a problem! The short answer is no.


I do believe 03 was the first year for WR electric start

ask the seller, why they are selling it. then test ride it

I have ridden a few hundred miles in the sand dunes and never used a filter skin once. Why do you think that one is needed? Trail dust has finer particles that would pass easier than dune sand. The issues that people have with riding in the dunes is over rated. My normal trail riding wears on the bike way more than a trip to the dunes. Keep the filter and oil clean and your in good shape.

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