Exhaust Packing?

Does the stock exhaust have packing?

If so what is the best packing to buy?

yes it does have packing, the only pipe I have seen with out packing is Aussie made staintune pipes.

As for best packing, any 2 stroke packing will do and is cheap and readily available.

It depends, MArcus, as fitted to a new machine they dont have packing but if you buy one from a dealer as a replacement, it may have packing...........otherwise it gets dented on the truck.

How often do you repack the Exhaust? In my former 2-Stroke days, I used a fiberglass pipe wrap material that you would use to insulate pipes with. About $1.50 at the hardware store. This material seems to be the same as the Muffler repack material but much cheaper. Thoughts on using this stuff?

There are 2 types of packing. 4 stroke packing is twice as heavy and more cotton-like in feel. 2 stoke packing is looser, kind of like fiberglass material. The smoker packing is designed to trap soot/oil, while the stroker packing is designed to deal with the additional heat of a valve and cam machine. I repack once a year, it always looks good when I change it, but it gives me something to do.

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