UK Settings for a '99 WR

I've had my WR for a couple of years now, WITHOUT major problems, and WITH major fun !!!

Last week I went MX riding and put the YZ pipe on (I normally run a 92db CRD pipe for trail riding). Would the bike idle, would it run smooth?!?!

I've always been a little 'scared of the unknown' when it comes to messing with carbs, but I feel that it is now time I had a go. I've looked through some of the old posts in the archive but I'm afraid its like a different language.

Any guys in the UK got any reliable settings? I'm running YZ timing, and the carburation went off when I changed.

All and any help gratefully accepted. I'm on holiday next week so its play time !!!

brett i have a '99wr so give me your settings and i'll have a crack at it.


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