busted header

Well, last sunday at the track I ran into a fallen rider and we got tangled up. I have a huge dent in my header pipe. I dont think it would be good to ride it like it is(dented not punctured). I believe the stock header on these 03' yz450s are titanium correct? And from what I've gathered is that this metal becomes soft when hot correct? So I was thinking of just getting a stainless steel replacement. Would I lose any power going to stainless steel? How much of a weight difference is there between a stainless steel header and a titanium header? The two biggest reasons to go stainless for me is its cheaper and harder(right?).

I was thinking of buying it on rockymountainmc.com. They sell powerbomb and megabomb headers...would one of those work well with a Dr. D slip-on exhaust? I need as much power down low in the rpms as possible so I thought these pipes help in that area but dont know for sure. If anyone has a recommendation for a particular header please do tell!

All metals become soft when hot. You won't loose any power what so ever going to stainless. The fmf headers should fit with the slip-on, they fit to stock. The FMF powerbomb seems to be the go, Yamaha has powerbomb style header on the '06 YZ's everywhere else but USA!

Look for a header off a YFZ450 quad. They are identical to the ti ones on YZ's and WR's, but stainless,... and cheap.

Why not get a dubach header?

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