2001 - 2003 YZ frame differences?

Does anyone know for certain what the main differences are between the 2001 YZ426 frame and the 2003 YZ450 frame?

I know the 2003 did not have an oil filler at the top of the frame like the 426 did. And I see that there is an oil filter unit at the bottom of the frame down tube for the 2003 450 frame which looks to be in the same place as the 426 frame.

Does anyone know for certain if the engine mounts are the same, especially where the swingarm and the engine mate up?

How much different are the 426 engines from the 450 engines as far as mounting points go?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot.


I really couldn't tell you about the mounting points but if you are thinking of trying it I am not sure it will work. Main reason is, where you will add your oil? On 03's and newer you refill your oil by an oil fill on the motor. On 99-02 you use the neck on the frame. Sorry I don't have any info for you but hope some of this helps.

Thanks man,

I knoew that about the oil in the frame thing.

I have a 2001 now, Dubach racing sells a wet sump kit that I am thinking about using anyway.

Part of the reason for the 03 frame was to get rid of the oil lines on the bike for the most part as well as build another bike with the 05 plastics and the 01 engine.

I think the 03 frame is slightly lighter than the 01.

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