GYT-R AIS Removal kit??

Does anyone know of a dealership that has any of these in stock? I have had one on backorder since November.

Thank you.

You can order direct from Yamaha Motor Corp. Here is the link to the AIS Removal Kit If this link doesn't work, go to look up WR450F and click on Accessories.

Hard to believe that you can't find a Yamaha dealer with one of these in stock in your local area. Try mail order 1-888-929-9111

Their store, Motoworld, is in El Cajon, CA 1-619-442-0941. It's a big store. They were hanging on the rack the last time I was in to buy parts.

Plug the 3 hoses that go to it if you have to wait. You can get a yz throttle stop or cut your current one. If you do a search you can find the size to cut to.

How difficult would it be to make your own plugs that is needed when to remove the "AIS"

Can someone show pictures of the "AIS Removal kit"


If you had a small shop lathe you could make them out of aluminum stock. I have installed mine so I don't have pic's. You would need to measure the bore for the pipe on the intake and exhaust ports and make them about the same size for a snug fit. You need to leave a lip on the end as a stop. Then get a plastic plug for the intake boot. You could find something I am sure at an auto parts store. If you didn't care about looks you might be able to find plastic plugs and just plug the hoses with the plugs and use hose clamps.

Thank you for the suggestions. :applause:

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