Finally have the CASH to pull the trigger.

I only started in MX last season with the "Over The Hill Gang" here in Nor-Cal, being an MMI trained guy I bought a used 1988 Yamaha YZ 250 and put the luv to it. All bearings, new (1994) front end and various other upgrades. It was fine for me as a rank beginner. It tought me well and carried me to my first moto win and my first overall in the last race of the year. :cry: I even place 3rd in 30-37 beginner class and 12th in club overall.

But there was an itch.... :p

A friend lent me his 2001 YZ426F for a 4 moto 2 day national event. :bonk:

I stalled it out of the first gate and finished 18th. But I got 5th place in each of the last three motos and came back to get a plaque for 6th overall. :cry:

It was diffacult to go back to the old YZ after that, but I had too. I had to finish the season. :lol: After my win I sold the 1988 and stashed the cash. I then obtained a second job and started stashing that money away. :applause:

Today I did it, I passed the magic threshold. My friend is willing to sell me his 426 for the right price. Already in hurricane trim yellow and black, ASV levers and other bling. 3 grand and delivered to my house TONIGHT!!! :cry:

I cant wait to start tweaking on it and doing all the things to it I learned from this site. Pictures to follow! :bonk:


There great bikes:D How was the power compared to the 88?

we will want to see photos.

Being 6'3" tall and 260 pounds, the 1988 YZ 250 was a little lacking in the power department. It even had a pro circuit pipe on it but it still took a lot to haul my big frame around.

You sound like a kid in a candy shop! Congratulations. I assume you trust your friend right? You arent just buying this bike cuz you know him are you? But even then, the YZ4**F's are the most reliable 4 stroke mx'ers out ther.

But even then, the YZ4**F's are the most reliable 4 stroke mx'ers out there.
Go like stink too! :applause:

If I were you, and this is just my own opinion, but I would save a little bit longer and buy an 03 or higher YZ450. The 426 is a little heavy and dated for MX. I had one and loved it, but the difference is quite substantial.

What did you think of MMI? Was it worth it? I'm starting in april, and was just wondering what you thought. I also have a 426 that i havent had a chance to ride due to leg injury from previous accident, but cant wait to get on the thing. I just put an auto decompression cam in it, but still cant kick the damn thing due to my leg. I HATE BEING LAYED UP!!!

Congrats... on the bike and on the great results racing :applause:

Look out MG is out to get you..

Hey Compound,

MMI is "worth" it if you keep everything in perspective. you WILL be getting an education. You WILL NOT be coming out of there with the world on a plate. You will be an entry level tech at any shop you go to and will have to work your way up from there. You will have student loans to pay and will be eating Kraft dinner for a good long time.

I worked in 2 different motorcycle dealerships, and a GMC dealership in two different states before I finnaly got the job I have now. I work in R&D at Custom Chrome making the parts that the chopper guys use. It's been a long road fraught with wasted relationships and a bankruptsy. But once you get here, it's pretty cool.

Looks awesome. Congrats! Feels good knowing you saved big bucks over a new bike I'm sure.

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