Looking fof XL600R Side covers

I am looking for a set of the plastic side covers for an '85 to '87 XL600R. My '87 project bike did not have a set that came with the bike. Anybody got a set laying around their garage or new a source I can find them (preferable cheap). I don't care if they are suffed or don't have decals. Planning on repainting them anyway. FWIW, I'm already parusing eBay for them with no success so far.

maier plastic

maier plastic

Looked there... They don't seem to have anything for the XL600R on their website.


Honda generally keeps a back-stock of 20 years for motorcycle parts.

david silver spares stock left hand panels but right hand panels are out of stock

i am looking for a rh panel for my bike at the moment

When looking on ebay, you will see that some people are parting the whole bike. They will have lots of parts all together. If you don't see what you are looking for, send the guy an email and ask for the part that you want. Sometimes they don't list everything they have. I've found plenty of things that way.

Plastic side covers can be hard to find for any bike. They seem to be one of the first things to get lost or damaged. It might take a while and cost more than you are planning to spend, but a set will show up on ebay sooner or later. Just keep checking twice a week or so.

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