scam artist lurking in the for sale area

I have my scoot for sale, some guy, replied to it.

He wanted to have his associate send me a cashiers check to include bike and shipping. I would caash the check and give the shipping costs to his "shipper" that would show up at my house. He would take the bike and the shipping money and be on his way.

I said no, lets use paypal for the transaction. Never heard from him again.

I'm fairly certain he was looking to scam me. Just a friendly reminder to be ever vigilant against tehse morons!

Thanks for the mail , the price is okay by me and i am ready to purchase from you immediately, i am ok with $3,850 . for the[2003 YZ450F), and i want you to delete the ad from the website, i have a reputable shipper that will take care of shipping from your end i want to let you know i have a client in the state that is oweing me a sum of $6,500 .., i will instruct him to issue you a ertified cashier's cheque on my behalf and as soon as cheque arrives, you hold out your amount and send the difference to my shipper for the pick up in your place, i hope i can trust you for my balance and also you will be contacting my shipper with all neccesary information needed for pick up in your place ( 2003 YZ450F),if this terms are okay by you, do get back to me with the following details wicthpaymentbe made Out to you like this:

One of our local track owners had a similar incident. He followed along to see what would happen, but he knew it was a scam. He received a very real looking cashiers check which of course was worth 3 cents for the paper. Thanks for the info.

yeah i got that same wanna be scam when i was selling my street bike a year ago. some guy in europe or something wanted it was going to pull the same scam.send me cashierrs check and have buddy pick it up.

funny thing was i sold back to the dealer i bought it from (2003 Yamaha R1 Limited edition blk with flames) i put 12000 miles on it had it for 2 yrs and sold back to them for 2000 less than i paid for it out the door.

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