Parts for Baja Design Kits?

I have managed to lose the plastic end to the turn signal switch on my '00 Honda XR600 dual sport kit. I've been to my local bike shop and they were unable to locate the part. It's a real pain in the :applause: because it helps you find center so you don't leave the signal on. Any help would be appreciated.

Call Baja Designs (800) 422-5292 , if it's the same switch I have, they will fix you up with a new button for like $13, including a new spring and detent ball so it self centers again. I went ahead and upgraded to the new improved switch which has push-to-cancel for the blinker, it came out to about $100 with the new wiring harness needed, but I have been wishing it was like this all along so well worth it to me.


Called today and they hooked me right up. Got a flasher grommet too, so the flasher won't be bouncing around anymore. Both for just over $18. Thanks. :applause:

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