Best octane

say I just picked up an 86 xr 600. What's the best octane gas to run it.



'00 owners manual calls for "92 (or higher)"

127 leaded

Run 93 and nothing less. That old XR will ping when she gets warm on any lower of an octane.

Thanks for the feedback you guys... I am 50 years old and haven't had a dirt big in about 20 years... you will probably be seeing a lot of me looking for answers to various questions.

P. S. I live around Orlando.....anyone else on this froum live in the area. I'm gonna be looking for some guys to ride with and some places to ride.

Thanks again,


Try to get a plate/tag for it. a bunch of us ride the fun dualsport events. go to . Theres a ride coming up (jan 29th) and most of us are your age, give and take 10.

BTW I think on the older xr the 3rd gear is week link.

Airplane fuel

I'm in the same boat in the Metro West area, haven't been riding in over 20 years and just picked up a 2000 XR650L. Need a place to ride and people to ride with.

Really? I have a 95 600R and I run it on whatever the best stuff is at the pump. I'm thinking it's only 91 or maybe 92. I'm not sure I've noticed it pinging but then again maybe I'm just used to it. Where do you buy this 93+ stuff and what does it cost?

Nice that you guys have a choice in the States. Never move to the UK...No leaded fuel anywhere and the good unleaded is about $1.60 a litre.....carry on pinging..... :applause:

I wouldn't say you would notice a huge difference in the octane all the time. Depends how watered down the habib's make it and heat. During the hot summer months lugging up a hill on a bike with 87 octane will NOT perform to it's full potential and will ping.

Airplane fuel

If you are worried about making that xr last, i would'nt recomend airplane fuel. It may give you a power boost, but avgas breaks down and can wear internal parts. The piston rings especially. I run 92 octane also. Where can you get 93 octane?

2000 xr650r plated uncoked and fmf

Try a Racetrack for higher octane fuels. i know Sears point (Infineon) has gas pumps that are open to the public. Also, the auto parts dealer for octane boosting products and lead additives.

I too use the 91 at the pump. :applause:

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