04 yzf 450 questions

hello all,

i'm looking to get a new bike...the yzf 450 or a two stroke. i've always ridden 4strokes, so i'm leaning that way.

anyway, got a couple questions about the 450. i ride mostly trails here in FL. terrain has sugar sand, whoops, mud, to hard packed wide trails and tight woods...basically everything. how does the old thumper handle the trails with the 4 speed tranny? not worried about weight cuz current bike is a dr 350!!! would the 5 speed 2stroke be better?? also, what is the approx. mileage on the stock tank??

just in case...i'm 26, 6 ft, 190 lbs. Any info would be appreciated!

**if anyone who reads this and rides in FL at ocala and/or croom, let me know what you think of the 450 in these areas...i've never been, but my riding buddies and i are planning a trip when i get my new bike.

I ride an '04 Yz450F in the complete oposite corner of the country and I really like mine. I ride in a wide variety of terrain from the sand dunes to high mountain trails and everything in between. I have raced mine in our local offroad series (mostly hare scrambles) for two years trouble free. No valve issues etc... I weigh 200lbs. and am 6ft tall. I thought I might be missing the 250 2 stroke so I switched with my buddy (06' YZ) and didn't realize how much I count on the 450's grunt. If you get one put a Rekluse clutch in it and have the suspension set up for your weight. You'll love it!

the 450 is a great bike! buy it the new technology is great. most companies are fading out thear 2 strokes and making their 4 strokes great. the 450 is really ballanced with more than enough powerevan the older 426 is more than a hand full soget the 4 stroke

happy trails

Compared to your DR350 the YZ450F or a 2 stroke 250 will feel lite as a feather in the woods. Either will work fine in Ocala or Crooms. My opinion and preference is a 5 speed for woods work. I just sold a 2004 YZ450 (4 speed). It was a good bike on the track but I never liked the 4 speed in the woods. It seemed like I was never in the right gear. On the track it was not a problem.

The 2 stroke tends to float over the sugar sand where as the 4 stroke can have a heavy feel in the front at slower speeds or on deceleration. If I only road in the woods I would not rule out a good 250 2 stroke. They are lighter and easy to maintain.

hello again,

first off, thanks for the replies. well, i've found 2 '04 yzf 450s for sale for about $3700...the owner of one told me that the bike was used for racing for about a year (then switched to yellow). maintenance kept up with regular engine/valve checks (according to owner), bike has a fresh top end done by a local dealer. he said the susp. was serviced, but didn't go into the details as i'll be checking the bike out tomorrow. also, this bike has renthal bars, new sprockets and plastic, blk excels, pipe/silencer (brand don't know yet), and some extra parts. what do you guys think?

the other has new chain, sprockets, tires and susp. by WMR (not that this setting means much to me as i'd have to redo it anyway).

i'm just wondering how the engine, although recent top end work, and tranny might be holding up and the susp. after racing for a year? any feedback or opinions greatly appreciated.

to change gear real quick, how would the 250f fair for my height/weight and the type of riding i do?? (as mentioned in my first post) better or worse than 450?

thanks again,


I've got an 04 450 & as far as trail bikes go, I think it's the best I've ever ridden. Ofcourse I took the time to set it up for me etc... but still, it handles really good, it's reliable in all aspects & that torque keeps you out of trouble sometimes.

I just bought a brand new 04 YZF 450 at Christmas at the dealer for $5100, they are trying to get them off the floor. I love the bike it has good power all around. I do agree however its set up more for the track and it feels like its missing a good low 1st gear but its like anything else and it all depends on what you use it for. I have no problem learning to use the tall 1st gear now, just dont go crazy around a lot of tight trees. $3700 for a one year old used bike? Save the extra $$$ and get it brand new, that way less headachs

I really like my 04' 450, it was a good year, the best YZF 450 IMO until the 06' of course. The engine is very powerful and bullet proof. If it were me I would get the 450 and not the 2smoke. I am 27yrs old 5'10" and 165lbs and I race as well as trail ride with my 04'. :thumbsup:

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