'04 WR450 on MX Motocross track, need suspension setting

Anyone else riding their modded WR450 at the track. Just bought mine about a month ago and finally had time to take it out to the track. I've done all the standard engine/performance mods plus taken off the lights, battery and overfill reservoir which took about 8 pounds off so she is still a little overweight at 240. But to my suprise she did real well at the track. My buddy and I are both of equal ability and he wasn't able to catch me on his new '05 RMZ450 so I was pretty proud of her. I was clearing some 30-40 foot table tops and as long as I was landing on the down side the suspension was good but if I shorted any splitters, it was kind of rough. I'm not real good with dialing in suspension and was wondering if anyone else would be willing to share their suspension settings for their motocross riding on a WR450. The suspension is completely stock and I weight 170lbs without gear.

At your weight, you should be good with the stock springs. I'd make sure your sag was set correctly for your weight, take the compression clickers all the way in and just start messing around with the rebound until you like it :applause:

Good Luck :bonk:

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