How much oil does YZ426 hold??

I just got a 2000 YZ426. I did my first oil change and i'm not sure how much oil to pour in. How do you check the oil?? I know where the dipstick is and how to read one. Are you supposed to start it for awhile then check. Please help me.


do a forum search on 426 oil level,without filter change it's about 1.6 us quarts, w/ filter change it's about 1.9, & yes start the engine for about 30 seconds then check the level without threading in the dipstick,i use an old quart oil container with a clear/translucent sight "stripe" on the side to get close. hope that helps :applause:

What happends if your oil level is too high and you run it?? Will it mess anything up?? :applause:

The Total amount in the system is 1.7 Liters (1.8 quarts). It takes 1.6 with filter service, 1.5 without. Both the crankcase and the frame tank must be drained before refilling.

Excessive oil in the system will go completely unnoticed up to a point, because it is a dry sump. In such systems, the amount of oil in the engine is unaffected by the net system contents as long as there is at least enough to maintain a steady feed supply, and no more than will fit in the tank. If you go beyond about 2 qts, you will exceed the space available in the tank, and force an excessively high oil level in the crankcase, which will cause smoking and a lot of oil discharged from the breather.

Need a manual?

Hey guys thanks alot!!!

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