Jetting & Maint. Computer Program

I'm Working on a Computer program that will help you do a number of things on your bike.

- Help with jetting changes in Temp & Alt.

- Help you get the right gears

- Help with Valve Adj.

- Figure Engine red line

There are a few thing i am looking for more info on. right now my jetting program only works for Temp & alt. i want it to work for Humidity and Air Pressure. if any one out there has a "Formula" to tie all four togeather it would be a big help.

also if any one has any other things they would like to see build in to the program let me know

This program will be free to all and i will ask that you pass it on!

let me know what you guys thing and if you have any thing to add!

e-mail me at

or IM me on yahoo @ skippedlikearock

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