Gotta know when to say when!

The old '87 needs a top-end overhaul. After pricing parts and machine shop charges, it just does not seem worth it to throw a grand at a 19 year-old motorcycle. I'm looking at a brand new 650R. OTD price at LA Cycle Sports is about $5900. I'm getting ready to pull the plastic out. Think I should just ride my smokie 87 for another year (still runs fine, just a little smokie at cold start-up) and see if Honda introduces a new model for 2007? Or just make the move?

Decisions decisions decisions :applause:


You may be able to find a 03 or 04 alot cheaper. There are a few dealerships around that have new leftovers.

Retire the 87 and step into a weapon.

If you haven't ridden a 650R, try one out, you won't go back to the '87.

I hate to see another XR go to the boneyard but it's what must be done. Opening up an old bike like that only leads to problems, trust me. Some people have great luck with rebuilds others don't. Some things I've run into with older Xr's are warped heads(air cooled + extreme heat = warpage), blocked oil passages etc. Get the 650R and don't turn back....

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