Black Plastics for a WR???

When I bought my 99 WR, it had a black front fender and it got me thinking :bonk: that I like all black bikes so Im on a quest to find a plastic company that carry black plastics for my bike. The other plastics were thrashed so I painted them with Flat black bumper coating :applause: and I really like the look but I want to do it right and buy all new black plastics. I cant find any companies that carry the black ones for a 99. :cry: specially the WR rear fender. Anyone have any ideas. I have the front fender, I need the rad. shouds, the rear number plates, and the rear WR fender, I will buy a new black headlight assb. from Baja. Everyone please give me your thaughts

Check my profile , there is a pic of the current look (sorry its small).


Have you checked Polisport on Bike Bandit?

UFO. I bought a black numberplate from them and was pricing side panels. About $56.00 as listed in Dennis Kirk.

For the rear fender you might have to go with a YZ. I have a 99 WR and did just that. YZ Front number plate and rear fender, both of which come in black. ** Just noticed your WR is streetlegal. You can always attach a light to the YZ fender.

All black would look sweet, but that about the tank?

I had the yz rear fender on with one of the best rear under the fender light kits and it looked GREAT but everytime I rode it would rip the plate off cause it remouted everything to low. I fought with searching for my plate 3 times on trails and said no more. So I m back to the stock rear light and added carbon fiber flush rear and front blinkers aqd I think I like this better but I dont think I can find the WR rear fender in black. That seems to be the biggest problem now... I will leave the tank natural, I think it adds to the look.

true, I've always thought about getting LineX It will make the plastics more durable & give it the flat black look, but I fear the weight might be an issue.

If you're going to paint the rear fender you might want to consider that route. I mean, its just one piece. :applause:

I've got a black YZ rear fender on mine with the Baja Designs LED taillight. Looks bitchin and I've never had any issues with it. Fork guards with the speedo cable mount might be difficult to find, I've never looked for them though.

I am not running the stock speedo anymore, I removed it and added the digital computer. So the shock covers with the speedo cable arent needed I guess I could go with YZ ones?

by the way if anyone wants to paint, use car bumper coating. Its made to be flexible and wont chip off at all unless you scrape them on rocks or something. It sticks great!!!!

I have all black plastic some is acerbis and some is one industries. All is made for the YZF which means giving up on the rear break light. Any local shop should be able to order from those or other companies that manufacture after market plastic. Be sure to get YZF YZ will not fit.

Thanks I will try one industries. I havent called them yet. I have to run my read fender but I really want to get the rad. shrouds and rear num. plates. are they one ind.?

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