Check your Sprocket bolts !!!!

Usually, I am very good with maintenance for my bike. After a recent injury, I went back to riding before I thoroughly went through my bike. You know, the deal, these beasts like to shake every damn bolt loose lock tite and all.

I went riding and really meant to check the sprocket bolts before the ride. Ironic you ask huh? Well, as you might have figured out, I didn't check them. No biggie as I recently changed out sprockets and chains. Upgraded all bolts, nuts and used RED loctite, so I should be cool right?

Nope :applause: When I got back to the truck after a full days riding, upon loading bike, I noticed that the bike wouldn't roll. Oh great whats wrong? Well damn, 3 of the 6 bolts were gone and the other was snapped off in the hub. Luckily the ride wasn't 10 miles longer or I'd been screwed.

Upon further inspection almost all of the hub holes are ovalled out. yup you know what that means, new hub, and having someone relace my rims.

So the moral of the story is CHECK YOUR SPROCKET BOLTS REGULARLY.

Have a great day


I feel for ya last year i had the same problem on my thumper! Those bolts are for sure a must double check.

Yes, I've been through your exact situation with my son's 1983 YZ250. A new hub and labor to re-lace the wheel was rather expensive. :applause:

I think I need to go check my bolts now.

Been there too. :bonk: While on the subject of checking things, I recently checked my spokes and they were all loooose. I kept meaning to go through the spokes and put anti seize on the nipples while the bike was new but never did and now every spoke was a bear to tighten. :applause:

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