250f vers 450f

I have always riden 2-strokes but now I have decided to buy a 06 4-stroke. It will be a Yamaha but not sure which. I am leaning toward the 450. Do any o4-stroke ownes wish or think they would be faster on the 250.

Unless you want to race 125 class, get the 450. The 06 in particular handles great and feels very light in the air. I have an 05 YZ250 (2-stroke) and an 06 YZ450F, and the 450-thumper is the easier one to ride.

I've recently gone from YZ250 98 to YZ450F 06. The air behaviour of the thumper is very similar to my ex two-stroke, with the advantage of a wider powerband and a more controlled easy power strike when accelerating. Less clutch use also. A little feeling of heavier top-end compared to two strokes, but got used to it very quickly.

My opinion is to go to a similar bike as your previous, that would be the 2006 YZ450F without any doubt. You won't regret it.

Additional comment: Read Transworld MX and Dirt Bike reviews, they claim that the YZ450F is the MX thumper that has the most similar behaviour to a 250F of any brand. Just gotta get used to the gas and power, but handling is great.

Have fun with your new bike :applause:

i have both an 06 yz250f and yz450f. the 450 actually feels more nimble. power wise, there is not question. if i had to buy just one, it would be the 450...

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