250f vers 450f

I have always riden 2-strokes but now I have decided to buy a 06 4-stroke. It will be a Yamaha but not sure which. I am leaning toward the 450. Do any 450 owners wish or think they would be faster on the 250.

I have a 400F, but rode a 250F several weeks ago. I spent about an hour on an MX track on it. Much less tiring to ride. THe 400 was faster in the open sections, but I was faster everywhere else on the 250F. With some seat time and dialing in I would be MUCH faster on the 250F.

Of course the more modern 450s might be a different story. In the wood I am positive that a 250F would be the ticket for me. No matter. I have decided to sell the 400 and move to a 250F, a 200/220 or 250 2 stroke. I'm 5'7" 170 Lbs. The 250F just fits me better. Take it for what it's worth, but for me the 250F is the ticket.

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