Making HID light on WR450


I thought you might be intressed how to make your own HID light. So I'm currently making a second one to my brother so I post here some pictures and explanations how did I made it. It will come in small step because it just takes some time to make and we started today.

I asked my friend to bend me some pipe to be a frame for a HID light. Whole circle would been really hard so he bended me some 180's

My brother is cutting them to be welded

Welding halves together

Drilled holes on each side of front light to put rubber mountings on it. Here I fit metal holding for rubber mounts so that light will be securely inside the frame.

First fitting on the bike only lower mount is on yet.

Upper fixtures are coming up.

Spot welded upper fixture.

Almost ready frame, only few fixtures missing (front number plate and top rubber mounting)

Side picture of the frame.

I'm adding pictures when we have time to build it more, but here is the ready result from my bike.

Timo Mc

looks sweet, how heavy is that frame? Cya Stinson


Frame with everything: Light, Ballast etc. weights 3.1 kg

Timo Mc

Thanks Timo. This is great!! I look forward to reading the rest. Definitely a project for next year's 24-hour ice road race! BTW, how much did you pay for the Hella Luminator Compact HID light?

When you are done, you should post this in the Technical Article section.

Great job!


very nice job!!!!!

how much did you pay for the Hella Luminator Compact HID light?


Hella HID's are very expensive, so what I did I ordered car HID conversion kit which íncludes 2 ballasts and two bulbs for H1. Then I bought Hella Luminator Compact for High beams and put those together. HID car conversion kit cost 300€ ~ $360 that is for two bikes so $180 a bike. Hella cost 90€ ~ $108. So here we are in ~$290 + rubber mountings and some metal + work (also enjoyment to make something with your hands) :applause:

Timo Mc

Timo, you are the man!! :applause:

Nice work!

Whats the wattage of that bulb?

:applause::bonk::cry::cry::cry::p:lol::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::lol::lol::lol: I want one :lol:
Nice work!

Whats the wattage of that bulb?

My Xenon is 35W and it equals 150W as a Halogen, but as I said earlier in another thread color of light is complitely different too. Halogen is more brownish when Xenon is much whiter. 6000 kelvin bulb I have is almost snow white with hint of blue.

Timo Mc


Did you try HID bulb and ballast into the original headlight before you made this ?


Yes, front lens, mirror and the shape is all screwed up.

Timo Mc

Timo, you are the man!! :applause:

I second that!!

Timo, this is great information. I'm also looking closely for any the conclusion to your HID wiring thread. Thanks and keep up the good work!!


We finished frame last weekend and here is some more pictures:

Needed to do list:

- Front numberplate fixtures

- Adjustment for frame angle vs bike

- Quick adjustment for light angle

- Painting

- Lamp fixture hole cover

- Back hole for Xenon-bulb

My little bro measuring welding points for front number plate fixtures

First fitting of ready welded frame

Frame ready and painted

Some modification done to Hella Luminator Compact light:

- normal fixtures holes covered with metalplate attached with rivets

- holes drilled for 3 rubber mountings

- back hole drilled for Xenon bulb to have some extra space ( it will come out 1 cm)

Picture of that ballast we are using.


Timo Mc

Very nice work boys...

You must post a picture of you lighting the night sky when all is done.

Has any one done similar in a smaller version? I'd like one for the road.


I actually started building a frame for my 05 wr 450, but for dual lights, stopped the project when i found out that our bike does not able to put out that much juice since i was gonna run h4s,i had 2 PIAA,1 fluted and 1 spot, 6 in housings.. I also have 6 in HID housing that is a spot. So now you have re sparked my interest in this project. I was talking to electrex about the lighting coil. What are you using to up the ouput? or just some rewiring?. I still may go with duals, now its looking like it will be one hid on bike and one helmet hid. I guess the wr450 with starter takes up a bunch of room where a larger stator would go. Im also looking foward to your wiring tricks

i walked next door to y buddies shop and he is Mr. HID ansked if he could order up some parts and he gave me a Cats Fog System has a h3 buld, An inverter Input Voltage Dc12v Output Voltage Power 65v,21w. Ignitor for HID Lamp. I think maybe they made them in 2 small compact versions tha both look motorcycle friendly as far as mounting goes. This unit seems like it will not be as bright as the 35W unit you guys are using.

My only dilema now is i have a 6in h4 PiAA housing, 6in H2 Hella Housing, and a 4in H1 housing, none of which work with h3 bulb i have, back to the drawing board, this was supposed to be the no money spent project, grrrr. Any sugestions would be greatly apreciated


How about just buying H1 HID bulb ? or H4. If you have that ballast already just get a new bulb.

About that stator on Wr450 yr 05. I did some testing with it and it can give out 55W and still be holding enought voltage to load battery with 70W load voltage will drop to 12,4V which is not enought.

Best modification for stator is probably Baja Desings if you want to do any

Timo Mc

Im looking into that, im kinda stuck on having 2- 6in lights, one spot and on fluted. I just need to find somwhere i can buy bulbs i was shot down at our local hella dealer today. If i go with the 2 i gues buying what you bought a retrofit kit for for a car with h4s will do the trick. It could get heavy. So one still seems more practical. I just talked to my buddy. He will buy the other ballast and bulb from the h4 reto fit kit. Out of curiosity wil the h4 kit work in the wr450 housing being that it is plastic, do the hid get real hot? since the stock housing uses an h4 60/55 bulb. I know nothing about HID at the moment. Thanx for your help. its awsome to be able to talk with someone about

something that has been running through my head. I will be on track shortly


If you read few replies backwards you will find out that information too.

I don't think you really need 2 lights, I'm using one spot HID and that is way more than enought light power for me. You probably want to install either 1 or two small HID's or IRC Halogens to your helmet.

Timo Mc

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