2001 XR650R Used Prices?

Okay, I've been looking for a little while and a guy has a 2001 BRP for sale with literally no miles on it. He wants $2900. I looked at KBB and it seems that trade in is $2200 and Retail is about $3200.

Does this seem like a fair price? All that's been done is a Power Up kit.

Sounds about right. $2900 Try to jew em down though!! I bought a 2000 xr650r, very little wear, like new, uncorked, but it also was plated with baja designs. I payed $2700.

I looked on Ebay and there seems to be a range of about $2600 and up for the BRP's. This one is super clean and hardly ridden at all. If I go look at it, I'll see if he'll come down at all in price but I'm thinking he won't since he said firm.

Amazingly, the 650R's have held there values very well over the years. I bought my 2000 model in 2002 for $3200. Very low hours, the seller couldn't start the Pig so he went and bought a KTM. I look every now and then and it still seems like you can't find much at all under $3000.

If the bike you are looking at is in good shape, buy it.

You know, this is exactly what I'm finding. Right around the $3K range is what you'll pay for a decent one.

You'll kich yourself if you dont get and then cant find a good one for a while. Most of them have gone for the gusto.

I agree. I'm going to ride my buddies tomorrow then call the guy and possibly go buy the bike.

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