Making wiring for WR450


I thought you might be intrested on what kind of wiring chages I made to put HID on my and my brothers bike.

Add some extra wires. + and - coming from the battery to the front. one cable taking + back to rear, 2 cables for turning signals. I put them in heat-shrinkable tube to be able to seal those ends.

Cables at rear.

Cutted mainswitch brown wire to get out +12v when main is on.

Added an extra wire by soldering it on. This one will go to the future HID switch and will drive relays coil.

Cutted brown wire from starter relay ( from under seat)

Added an extra wire by soldering it on. This one will go to the future LED brake light switch and brake light will work everytime when mains is on.

Added two switches, made a fixture for it that fits with mainswitch screws. These will be future HID and Computer warmer switch.

Continues when we got some more done. Some pictures of mine.

Quick connectors for HID and stock front light

Relay, fuses and cabling. remember to mark each cable so you know what and where.

Timo Mc

cool idea- if I was to spend moretime riding at night, or was to make mine street legal I would use this- great job

what kind of hid are you going to run?

Trying to wire hi/lo switch to Phillips H4 12v 60/55 bulb on a WR450F 04 to make it street legal in VA.


That should be easy. All you need to do is cut off connector which normally goes to the light bulb (yamaha one has only 2 wires) Buy new one form pepboys or what ever local automotive shop. Also buy a on-on toggle switch (get one that can take enought amperes 6A should be enought). Use abiko or similar connectors, connect black wire with the wire that connects light bulbs left connector (looking from connect side so that middle one is up). Put yellow and if I remember right a blue wire (on mine there is 2 wires) to mid connector on that switch and then hi beam on the other one and low beam on the other one.

Timo Mc

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