Hurricane plastics kit

Any of you guys with the 06 blue bikes that want to make it yellow. One Industries will have their 06 kits instock by the end of this month. I had to bite the bullet and get a blue bike because my dealer wasnt getting any til early-mid feb.

Thanks for the info, I have the yellow edition but I can not bare to scratch it up. So I plan on buying the hurricane kit and lock my original plastic up in a safe place.

dang man its not a 1940's hot rod. Its a dirtbike...L.E. alls they do is throw some different color plastics on it and charge you like 500-1000 dollars more. Just like there sportbikes and just like cars. Chevrolet puts z71 on the side throws different shocks on it and charges 5 grand more than a regular 4x4. But if thats your thing live it up brother.

sweet...if you have an 06 you could change back and forth if you wanted to! smoker will be yellow VERY soon :applause:

only thing you will have to do with the blue bike is get an all black seat cover

no this is what it looks like in real life. :bonk:

I dont why people call it an L.E, it is actually a S.E model. they use the L.E for quads. :applause:

L.E = Limited Edition

S.E = Special Edition

The price difference at least here for the S.E is only $200.00 I dont believe you could even buy after market plastic (at least no OEM) for that amount.

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