Quiet pipe thread

For all the moron's that bitch in pipe threads.

Troll Alert!!! :cry::applause::cry::bonk::p:cry::lol: ...SC

Is it oxiemoron or aussiemoron ?? Your TT name seems to fit you well.

For all the moron's that bitch in pipe threads.

I dont think that starting a thread like this will help much, but eh..... i could be wrong, was wrong twice last year :applause: .

Beautiful article. Muchas gracias for the link :applause:...SC

For all the moron's that bitch in pipe threads.

Some people were born to stir the s**t :applause:

Great article. I too do not like a loud pipe but one of my riding buddies thinks the louder the better, (he is 34!!!). The other guy that rides with us just bought a WR250 and he was concerned about removing the plug in the exhaust tip because he thought that it would make it too loud (he is 19). It is not always the young guys that need to be educated; it is sometimes the older generation that is still stuck in the loud pipe past.

Hey I'm 41 and believe that more sound = less ground. :applause:


Thanks for the link. That was a great article. I sent it to all my riding friends.

You ought to post it in all the forums, so it gets a lot of exposure. Thanks again. I want my boys to be able to take their kids riding in the Rockies. At the rate that trails are getting closed though, I'm worried it won't happen.


I love my Q, and frankly I don't think it cut any power ( that I would miss) from my YZ. It's kind of a wierd pipe tho. It's quiet enough when the throttle is in the low to mid area but when WFO, I think the sumbitch is louder than with the stock open pipe. My buddy took it for a ride the other day and when he was hauling ass the sound just ECHOED around the forest.

More sound is truly, less ground.

PS, I just watched the Euro Enduro Championship series and those guys have Quiet pipes.

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