tight valve on new 05 wr450

I bought a new leftover 05 WR. I broke the motor in changed the oil and then went on a 30 mile ride very easy one (with daughter on her new quad) after a few days in the garage with the heat off about 30 ish degrees I flipped on the heat and checked the valves. I found that the intake valve on the left side of the motor(cam gear side) is a little tight.I could not get A .004 feeler Gage in but could a combination of .002 and .0015 . should I worry about it or not? Do you think the motor being 30 degrees has any thing do with it? do you think at 75 degrees it might have enough clearance.I put it back together and thought I would just check it again after a few more rides. :applause: Or should I reshim it now?

That is a little tight, should be between .0039 and .0059 cold.

Are you sure you had it at TDC? Take it for another ride then check it again.

Yes Im sure it was at TDC the other two intake valves had more than .004

Well if you go one size smaller with a shim, then you may have too much clearance. I have an intake with a clearance of .003. When I put a 1 size smaller shim in the clearance jumped to a loose .005 and I ended up having to throw the old shim back in. I'd say have a few more rides and check again.

Your only 4 tenths off the low end. You can't see 4 tenths. How's it running? Also if you have a caliper check your feelers to make sure that they are what they say they are. I am looking at my manual and it says 1st valve check after 600 miles or 1 month. I would ride it a little more then recheck. I have about 450 miles on mine. It's running strong and I am going to wait 150 more to do the check.

Pull your cams and check the shim sizes under all the buckets. I had the same problem as you on my '05 and found that a couple of the shims under the "in spec" valves were not in multiples of 5, a couple were 1.88 if memory serves. I was able to move them around and keep everything in spec. It's worth a shot in my book...SC

The spec is spec'd at 68F, that cold could be causing an erroneous measurement...I know that our dimensional calibration techs have a temp stabilized room they work in for very critical checks. 40 degrees below the temp the clearances were spec'd at could be a problem! We worry about heat, and the parts being too big due to the heat, but cold will cause the same problems on the small side...you have heard of shrinkage, haven't you? ;8^P

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