For the attention of James Dean


Been looking through a few old posts, and saw your recommendation for carb settings.


#170 main (may want to try #165)

#48 pilot

#100 air

1 turn out on pilot screw

Are these settings suitable for a '99 WR ?

I run YZ timing, airbox cover removed; and swap between a CRD 92db pipe (for quiet trail riding) and a 99' YZ pipe for flat-out crossing.

Your advise would be gratefully appreciated.


Yes, the setting is also recommended for the '98/'99WR or YZ. The bike will probably run better/cleaner with EKN#3 with a quiet exhaust or at high altitudes. Depends on riding style and preference.


My 00 WR, grey wire mod, yz timed just got a new FMF power core IV and power bomb header. I have ordered both the EKN and ELN needles because of a hesitation at 0~1/8 when I go to WOT. I assumed that since these two needles are just 1/2 clip difference either would work, but to fine tune I could switch between them. Is this on track?

BTW, I'm at 4500 and ride 3000 to 9000.


James, I am also getting ready to do the BK mod tonight.


Thanks very much. I'll give them a try over the weekend and report back. Do you have a Yamaha part number for the needle?

By the way, whats the 'BK mod'???

Thanks again

Brett, The BK mod is just adding a screw to the accellerator pump to make the timing adjustable. You need to tap a screw onto the pump stop. Do a search on BK and find what you need to know.

James Dean,

Do you have the part#'s for your jetting suggestions. I will be going to YZ timing next. Thanks for your expertise.


99 WR400

Stock pipe - cork out, throttle stop cut, air box lid removed

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I did the BK mod last night and the bog at 1/8 throttle got more noticable. I have stock jetting with the needle #4 possition. I'm at 4500, so I expected the altitude to compensate for the lean jetting. I am still waiting on the EKN and ELN jets. I have tried setting the fuel screw to 2 3/4 to 3 turns, as per FMF web site, but this was for YZ's and I am wondering if the different needle could be the cause. I thought this was acting rich on the bottom, so I have also tried the fuel screw at 1 1/2, and as far down as 1/2 turn out. I'm not really see any effect here. I the PJ just that far off.

I am about ready to put the needle back to #3 and see if the altitude was more of a factor than I expected.


Terry, try the stock DRS in clip #3 and with a stock #42 pilot turn the pilot screw out to 3-4 turns from seated. A #45 at 1 3/4-2 1/4 turns or a #48 at 3/4-1 1/4. Set the idle up to a faster speed. There is still going to be a limit to wicking the throttle open and bogging because this is a 4-stroke without a CV carb.

Part numbers:

OBELN - 5NL-14916-EN (YZ250F option)

OBELP - 5NL-14916-EP

OBEKN - 5JG-14916-EN ('00YZ426 option)

OBEKP - 5JG-14916-EP

OCEMN - Call Sudco, Keihin brass needle

OCEMP - Call Sudco, Keihin brass needle

The EMN, ELN, EKN are all identical except 1/2 clip difference in taper start. (EMN#5 = ELN#4.5 = EKN#4) Same goes for EMP, ELP, EKP.

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I got the 5JG-14916-EN in today and it is an OBEVN needle will this still work or am I looking for another.

Also, I picked up #45, #48 PJ's and 170, 175, 180, 185 mains. I had the screw out three and didn't notice the problem getting better. Come to think of it I didn't have the bog with the uncorked stock pipe, and it ripped with the WR timing, except for the low ceiling.

Any last comments. I'll dink with it this weekend, but I have a race to run so I don't know how much.


imagine the EKN needle on the 4th and middle clip ok?

for your needle to be in the same positin it must be dropped five clip positions. and yet you only have three above or below. the clip positions rise so that the needle drops, ok?

in other words this needle is, sadly, redundant.


Thanks, just as I suspected.

Is there a way to get the correct number for the EVN or ELN needles.

Terry, did you get the ELN? It will work just as well as EKN.

Did you get the package with the part number and recheck the needle code? If it is as you have said then Yamaha has suddenly started to mix their bins of parts. 5BE-14916-E_ was EV_ needles and 5JG-14916-E_ was EK_ needles.

No, the other part didn't arrive. The part number on the bag was the correct one, that is what I had them check against the order.

Hold the phone, I just looked at the labels, yes two labels, one from Yamaha and one from the dealer. The dealer label has OBEVN, but when I look at Yamaha they don't call out the model #. Sooo I am looking on the needle and it is stamped OBEKN, looks like I'm back in business. MY BAD!!

I'll try this tonight, and the #45, 175 combination to see how it goes.

Thanks, I'd have skipped trying the needle.

Dealer has the wrong description, but Yamaha package the right part.

ohhhhh yes!!!!

yamaha just llluuurrrvv taking you all the way to the wire!

glad you opened the package. of course you wouldn't be the first to slag the dealer, send it back with an irritated letter and ...

find that you'd been given the correct PART!


James Dean,

Thanks for the part #'s. So off to the dealer to give them more of my money. Thanks for the time.


Thanks for clearing up the confusion on needles and what they mean... I'm new but reading and learning. Thanks for your time aswell.

Pete :)


Did you also get the #100 pilot air jet? This was to compliment the 48 pilot jet.


Thanks for the assistance. I got the jets in Friday night, but had to drive so I didn't get any testing done until Sat.

The needle is spot on. I got #45, #48 PJ's to adjust the pilot circuit, but the #45 was the wrong form factor. The #48 was just too large. I brought is all the way down to 1/4 turn out and it still has a burble 1/8 throttle. I'll replace the #45 and try it, I'm pretty sure that will finish the little bit of bottom burble.

Again, thanks for all the assistance. It really came through.


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