Sound Decible

I am lookign to put a new Exhaust on my 2001 YZF 426. One that i do not have to worry about getting a fine for at the trail riding places? Got any ideas about a good one?

I found this before while trying to narrow down how loud the White Bros E Series was that's on mine when I bought it, same bike, I just knew it was LOUD with 12 plates. I was looking for info before hitting Stonyford and dropped down to two plates and the ranger tested me at 95db.

Anyway it has in there a record of some different exhausts and what level they tested on different bikes.

FMF Q works awesome, we have one on our 2001 YZ426F. It's very quiet, to the point where you can't hear it even riding behind the bike.

02 yz426f fmf q and a power bomb head pipe, tested out at 94 bd.

Thanks alot guys

I haven't tried it myself, but the FMF-Q seems to have the best noise/power combo of any of the exhausts that I have read about.

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