Opinions please

The 426 needs a new rear tyre and i was wondering if anybody here has used any of the Michilin range. Im ride in a mix of granite, rock, clay, soft and compact red loam dirts. I had the original Dunlop D739 on and it left alot to be desired in many places. I did a search and came up with nothing on this brand so any opinions/views would be appreciated

I have michelin starcross ms2 on my 00 426 and they work great.


:applause: m12 for me love it Last 8 back tires have been :bonk: m12 on my 426

Yep, the michelin starcross ms2 is the bomb!! I have them on my 01 426.

I have been using a maxxis IT desert on the rear for me. It has good wear, and it still hooks up decently in a wide range of conditions.

I would recommend Maxiss IT's front & Rear. Best tire I have used for the $$'s & all around good tire on most any terrain.

Back when I had a 250SX, I couldn't keep the knobs on a Michelin very long. The tire would chunk out in a couple of races. I didn't even bother trying them on a four stroke. I run Dunlop 952's now, they hold up much better for my type of riding and racing. I also like the 756's, but they don't last as long as a 952.

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