Any one know if yzf and crf 450 rear spokes the same??? :applause:

Are you trying to use some CRF spokes or something?

It isn`t likely that they are the same but you could check part numbers in the RTT store on aftermarket spokes to see if they are the same.

I think i remember reading on TT that they could both be used. Some guy needed one spoke and someone said he could use one off his crf.

I believe the deal is that you can't buy just one Yamaha spoke (unless your dealer will do it), but you CAN buy a single for honda. I too would like to know if they are the same.

Honda and Kawi sell the spokes and nipples as singles.

Really if you have the connection at the dealer the set is only like 40-50 bucks. Spokes and nipples.

I have almost a few times bought a set so that I can have some spares and then piece out the rest for situations like this. But most likely if you have one, there are more that are problems.

I cannot answer on the rear, but the fronts are the same on all full sized bikes since about 96.

Well the spokes may work, but will be a bit long or short. Yamaha made a wider front hub in 02 and use a longer spoke set.

ty all was gone for a bit... I have a honda and a yamaha.. And i have set of OEM yamaha spokes on hand.. The honda got a few spokes riped out.. looks like i am going to have to try it!!!

Here is the odd thing. The white bros spoke set (front) I just bought listed as being ok for ALL CR, YZ's, YZF's and RM's. Perhaps the longer length was not much different.

Not that I am complaining. This makes the wheel building process much easier and cheaper!

They are the same spoke on the rear. The CRF and YZF interchange perfectly.

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