Heading to MS and AR this spring (jetting?)

I have set my carb up with the following jetting:


I am heading out on the Trans-America Trial and need to know if I am going to have problems with the bike running rich or lean in those climits or elevations..

HELP. :applause:

Who out there sets these things up for Baja -- I contacted James Dean of JDJetting and he does not have any jetting data on the BRP.

Who else out there sets these things up for like BAJA ?

With the bike jetted as your link states, it is going to run richer as you go up after you get to 3000-4000 feet and you may have to rejet if you go higher. The optimum fix for the carb problem is to install an Edelbrock. A '91 XR600 that I previously owned, fitted with an Edelbrock, required only 2-3 clicks on the jet adjuster from sea level (Baja) to 14000-plus peaks (Colorado). I rode my son's '03 BRP in Colorado last August at elevations from 6000-14000 feet, the Edelbrock required no adjustment after an initial 2 clicks to lean. Admittedly, the price of the Edelbrock is a little steep, but the benefits (easier starting, no flooding after a fall/stall, better performance, no jetting hassles) are all well worth it IMHO.

Thanks creeky: Yet no time and the money tree has lost its leaves for the season....

Have to carry extra jetting.. Many thanks for the inpu.

I think you will be ok with the jetting you are running now. If you do change it I would run a 172 main and leave everything else alone. When I had my stock carb on I ran a 172 main, stock needle (4th position), and the 68s. Bike ran great.

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