Tire deal question???

I normally use a Dunlop 756 up front, and a Maxxis IT on the rear of my 2004 Yz450f. I've really enjoyed this combo for the usual hardpack to intermediate, and occasional soft stuff.

My question is that the rear is starting to get a little worn (front is fine for now), and since Motosport Outlet has a great deal on Maxxis front/rear combo's.....I'm considering using the same Maxxis IT on the rear, and possibly the Maxxis ST on the front. Does anyone think the Maxxis ST is really inferior compared to the Dunlop 756?? or are they relatively even in performance??

$ 89.95 for both a front and rear Maxxis (with free shipping) is a pretty good deal; but I don't want to use a ST up front if it doesn't compare to a Dunlop 756.

Let me know your experience with the 756 versus the ST for the front tire...



as much as people love the Maxxis rear tires I have not heard of anyone using one on the front. Maybe that in and of itself answers the question?

Thats what I run and I think the ST works just as good as the 756 if not better. I've also heard of of other people that run that combination. I got the idea of doing it from here when i bought my last set of tires from Motosport.

Thanks guys for the replies.......

Shane, Does the ST hold up halfway decent as far as longevity???

I seem to be getting very good wear with the 756 up front, so I don't think I'm that demanding on the front tire as far as wear goes.


Hey,you can buy the Dunlop tire combos from NCY for around $90.I just called them the other day and they told me they could sell me a D739 rear for $47.Just thought I'd let you know...18002251629

I used a Maxxis in the front and I hated it. The back tires work fine, but on hard pack the front would wash out too easy. I like the 756's, I have one set of wheels with 756's and the other set have 952's mounted up. I like the 756's for MX and the 952's for woods.

ok.I run maxxis ITs on both ends of my pig. They have to be the best hard pack tire out there! They last a long time and i ride that 400 hard. HOWEVER!..........soft stuff a.k.a.,sand with the IT up front........not so much fun!.You have to haul ass to keep the front end stable .It may just be on my bike tho. Hope this helps you out.



I think I might just go ahead and get that IT/ ST combo......

I think I might just go ahead and get that IT/ ST combo......

Try the combo...what do you have to lose?

The front lasts pretty good I would say it last about as long as the 756. I did try one of the ITs once and it was too hard. And like others have said would tend to wash out on soft ground or loose stuff.

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