'04 wr 450 won't start

undefinedI was getting ready to ride and bike just stopped. Checked spark; plenty. Checked for bad gas; nope. Found out that fuel is not going into Carb, fuel valve is open. Anybody with any idea's. All I can think of is plugged jet somewhere.

if fuel is not going into the carb then thats pretty easy. There is only one way for gas to get into the carb. either you have vapor lock and your tank is not venting (which I doubt because you said you changed the gas which means you poped the top) or your petcock is clogged, not working, or fuel line is clogged. I doubt its any of those. I would guess that what you mean is that no fuel is getting into the carb bowl? In that case I would pull the carb and clean it out and blow air through all you jets and gally ways. That will prolly do it. Good Luck Stinson

Did you try reserve position on the petcock?

Yes, Fuel gets past the petcock until it is attached to Carb. Something is blocking it in Carb. All I can think of is to pull it and clean. I was trying not to pull it.

Check the float needle in the carb--sounds like it is sticking shut. Sometimes a light tap with the handle of a screwdriver on the fuel bowl will loosen it up.

After you do that close the petcock and drain the fuel bowl; then while the drain is open turn the petcock and see if fuel flows freely into whatever catch can you have. Hope this is helpful!

If you open the drain on the bottom of the bowl and fuel does not flow out, it is probably your float since fuel is flowing from your petcock.

I had similar problem, float was stuck, bike would not start.

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