XR650R aftermarket thermostat

I went to my local Autozone this evening and asked for a part #457-180 thermostat for my trusty XR650R just like the BRP website recommends. The guy behind the counter said that they (Autozone) changed over their part number system about five months ago and that there was no cross over list! He asked what application it was for, and my response was an educated sounding "duhhhh...". Does anyone know the new number or what make and model of car it came from? Thanks!

Ted K.

Why do you want a thermostat?

Remove it all together.

I question if removing altogether is best solution for everyone. I never take my 650R into slow technical terrain and since buying bike new in 2001 it has never overheated. I need the bike to warm up quickly at home for drying out after a wash and heating up prior to an oil change. So for those that ride on easy roads and work on bike at home the thermostat seems to be a good idea. However this thread does have me thinking that I probably should be replacing all hoses and thermostat in order to insure reliability.

My suggestion is to, as mentioned above, remove it altogether. I took the autozone route as well, and ended up with two thermostats that didn't open near the same temperature as stock (using the same part #'s provided). I'm not going to point fingers or anything, but since then I take internet suggestions with a bit more skepticism. In my case, on a short ride I boiled out all of my fluid and cooked my engine pretty well. And no, it wasn't some long ride; it happened in just a few miles and I had to ride back to camp. Just make sure to spend extra time and care warming up your bike.

Otherwise, I'd suggest going with the SRC thermostat. Sure, it costs $8 extra, but you don't want to know what an engine rebuild is going to cost me. :bonk:

On a side note, it did give me an excuse to get the 680 kit from Barnum that I've been wanting without too much fuss from 'the other', so there is always an upside..... :applause:

I have a SRC stat and it works great.

I went with the NAPA #115 if my memory serves me right. Drilled the hole into outer ring and have had no problems what soever. Here is a quote from one of the XR650R sites:

The Fix:

The fix here is an easy one. A lot of the guys just remove it, but Honda put it there, so there's a reason. You don't want the bike running too cool, as that will accelerate cylinder wear. The better fix is to throw in a Napa thermostat #115, MotoRad for a Suzuki Swift, or Carquest #31978. These are meant for small GM cars. It's an almost drop in fix. All you need to do is drill a small hole in the outer ring of the 'stat to allow fluid to flow when it is closed. This is a must do to prevent hot spots in the engine.

I have a SRC stat and it works great.

Ditto, three years in mine of good operations. I use there rad. cap also.

I have a SRC stat and it works great.

Same here... I had the original Honda unit, and that got stuck in the wide open position. Made the foolish mistake of buying ANOTHER Honda unit, and wasted $54 on that. Finally got the SRC unit, and it works great. Along w/ their cap as well.

NAPA #115 no problems, just drill a small hole on the flange to allow a small bypass flow. I have ridden some tight technical stuff with the NAPA unit and no problems

All the desert guys say leave it out, it's not needed in the warmer climates. If you live where it gets cold, use the SRC.

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