valve adjustment

Hey guys I have had my 05 450 for about 8 months now. I love it to death. Question. I only have approximately 4 hours on the bike since I bought it new. Due to being an idiot and breaking my collar bone. Anyway. I took it out this weekend and she ran just fine. At what intervals are you guys adjusting your valves.

Haven't "adjusted" them yet on my WR, I just check them every 10hrs or so.

if you only have 4 hours on the bike you have a LONG way to go. Everyone has a different regimen but I would recommend "checking" them at 50 hours. On a YZF you will probably find they are still in spec.

you know that is what I was thinking. Thanks guys.

I have an '03 YZF250 that I just checked the valves on last night, they're in spec. I talked to the dealership cuz I've definitely got some hours on the engine, he said as long as you change oil often (I do) they should last quite a while.

On a new bike, it's a good idea to check them fairly early, like 10 hours, and then again at 20, just to make sure they are set right an are not settling. They normally won't change, but you don't want to ignore them if they do. After that, you can check them less frequently. I take squint at mine every couple of months, but as far as when to adjust, I can't give you an example; it's never been necessary.

I've been guilty of ignoring mine....and I cringe when I think of the possible outcomes because of my complacency, but at the same time, it's a Yamaha. I have almost 50 hours on mine and will be changing the cam chain and checking the valves next week. The chain is only $12, so I figure it's cheap insurance to keep the motor healthy. I was also pleasantly surprised to find the flywheel holding tool (I've taken the flywheel off without it and it was a pain to get it back on with the proper torque) was only $30.

Anyway, I'll post what I find out when I check mine. I haven't dogged mine, but at the same time, I've used it well.

I just adjusted my intakes valves for the first time this summer. I bought the bike new in December of 2001! :applause:

I think they should be checked very early on after the engine gets a few hours on it and things "set in". I had to make an adjustment on my '04 after about 12 hours. After that it never needed any adjustments, and I check often.

I just checked my '06 after 4 hrs and they are OK.

It is easy to check, so do it

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