Metal in Oil

So I had a running dry incident a few weeks ago on my 05 YZ450..and ended up needing a new piston and cylinder.

I broke the bike in again and changed the oil after just 1 hour of riding. Plenty of metal in the filter and oil as I expected..

Changed the oil again today after another say 3 hours work and there is still flecks of metal and the oil has a golden color..

Is this normal? The bike has done maybe 3-4 hours work since the new piston and cylinder..

BTW the bike runs beautifully starts easy and pulls strong.. No really unusual noises..

Berg, still can't sleep your nights? :bonk:

I'd say it is totally normal, the metal flakes come from the clutch basket and the golden color is also clutch contamination.

If the oil contains a lot of metal that sticks to a magnet, I'd follow-up with a new oil change after 1 hour, it might indicate trouble since clutch flakes from basket are aluminum and don't stick to magnet.


Thanks Blue,

Yeah I guess I am a bit hypersensitive about it all now.

Flakes definitely look aluminium.

My 15 year old son has been on it trying to learn how to ride.. That might be it as it is the first time he has ridden any bike and he uses the clutch a lot..

Next change I'll get a magnet and check.. :applause:

I had that problem...well not the dry run problem..It turned out to be my oil pump. I would tear it down and do a good inspection. thats a big investment to be thrashing. Good luck

my 01 yz426 has always had "particles" in the could be the clutch or what?i did a complete rebuild last year with a oem crank,new cylinder,wiseco piston etc and i would change my oil every 2 or 3 rides,always had particles,it used to scare me when i changed the oil filter but now i dont even think about it

wow.good bike to start on! hehehehe.its the plates. i freaked out aswell when i did my first oil change.

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