Studs: whats everyone use?

OK, so it's winter here, but hardly any snow(not enough to break out the sled I'm still making payments on :applause: ). But, there is still ice everywhere, so it's time to set the bike up for winter ridin instead. I went ahead and got some #10 self drilling sheet metal screws and put them in my tires. I'm just wondering what everyone else has used, and how well it worked.

I put #8 x 1/2" hex head screws in front tire, #8 x 3/4" in the rear. Total cost for all 600 screws was $28.00 at home depot. I have about 2 hours on them and they seem to bite really good and havn't lost any yet.

I wish we had ice! There is only mud and water and 1/4 inch of snow here. What kind of sled do you have?

My sled is an 03 RMK 700, 144", still only has approx 450km on it! Took the 450 for a ride today, and I gotta say, those screws really do the trick! There was no trail/hill that gave me any probs, and I can wheelie like crazy... even on the frozen creeks. What a blast!!

I have a yfz 450 and i took the stock tires and put 54 1''1/2 snowmobile stud boy studs carbide tipped in the back with tubes so no leaks. In the front i put 3 big washers on all 16 on the studs to make them a bit smaller and also have tubes in them they work great on everything. no recomending you drive on ur own lawn it rips the grass up.

With the snowmobile studs, did you put them in between the knobs or right through them?

I'd hate to be behind one of those when the screws started flying off. Talk about a roost from hell! :applause:

DAYYAAMMM!!! That should stick!

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