Grey wire safty?

Hey guys.

I have a 06 WR 450 and have done all the mods but the grey wire. Electrial stuff scares me a bit so I waited till last night to cut it. So my question is..

After the wire is cut what are you guys doing to it to seal it up, or do you even need to do anything.

The area is so small and tight I cant just tape off the one wire so I was going to wrap the whole 6pin connector. But then I am woried that if water does get in, it may not be able to get back out.

Should I not tape it off and mabe put some silicone on the tips of the wire?

Any ideas.



All it is is a ground, don't worry about it...

Just pull the wire out of the connector and wrap the end with electrical tape.

That way, if you don't like it, you can put it back in. If you cut it, oh well...... you can always get another connector.

Spray all your electrical connections with crc5.56 or 2.26 or what ever else you stole from work that day! :applause:

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