TekVest from Tekrider.com(review)

Hello again venerable thwappers!

Over the holiday I got to test my new, slightly overpriced vest from Steve at Tekrider. First of all, I must admit that I was skeptical when it showed up at my door. It seemed a little flimsy, as in the armor seemed a little thin. I immediately wanted to send it back and called Tekrider to find out how. Steve talked me into trying it for the weekend and said that I could return it if I was still unsatisfied. It was a good time to test in the Upper Lower Penninsula because the temp. ranged from 40-75F degrees.

The vest is well crafted and all seams, buttons, zippers, bungees and clips performed flawlessly with or without gloves. This vest can hold a significant amount of weight. I put virtually my whole kit(usually in a fanny pack, around 15lbs.) in the front compartments and couldn't tell it was there. My Camelback fit right inside the back compartment and tube sleeve. The vest was a little on the warm side during the day, but was perfect for 40-50 degree night riding. It kept me warm, front and back, while riding with a T-shirt and a jersey underneath. The real reason that I bought this vest is for the protection(ribs,spine). I didn't have a chance to crash real hard to test the vest for higher-impact protection, but I had a few(dozen) get-offs on hillclimbs. It never got in the way, and when I did fall on our softball-sized rocks, the vest did its job. I'd say that it's a superb dual-sport vest and a significantly higher level of protection than a roost shield. Still a little costly at $300.

Hey Matt, glad to hear you like your vest. Have you checked out the thread "Don't Laugh"?


Yes, that's where I originally heard of the TekVest. Missed the discount by a week, though.

Bummer!!! Oh well, I'm glad that the product is all they say it is. I'm looking forward to getting mine...don't want another pneumathorax. Take care,


Mike,you still haven't forgiven the Camelbakstabbers eh?I don't blame ya! :)

I read that post, too. Don't worry, It's left over from mountain biking. I didn't buy it new.

My dad bought a new one the other day :)

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