'03 WR450 Selling Advice

I'm unfortunately forced to sell my WR450 due to an extended illness. I have been dealing with some numbness in my legs that have made this bike too much to handle. I think I will have to end up on a Quad to continue my love of riding. :applause: I hoping to find a similar year Raptor or YFZ450. I have a couple of questions. My bike is currently in YZ trim. From a resale standpoint, would I be better off putting back the WR plastic? (much prefer the YZ look) Secondly, Could someone give me an updated fair market value of this bike in So. Calif? It has had very little use and is in immaculate shape. Good tread left on original tires, full pad left on original brakes, etc. I would appreciate any advice, thanks.

I would leave it in YZ spec and either offer the parts to the person that buys it, or sell them on E-bay, etc. I just helped somebody buy a bike that had the same thing done to it and the only negative was that the headlight had been removed and my buddy now has to go buy one because the guy no longer had the original parts.

For value you can check the classifieds here and also check the value at www.kbb.com

I would try to sell it on Craigslist.com if I was you. That sight is pretty heavily used in California for buying and selling.

Good Luck!

Use the plastic that is the best condition. Make sure your bike is very clean.

Use silicone spray on the plastics, it makes it showroom glossy again.

Silicone spray on the tyres is good also, the newer looking they are, the better.

Matty is right. When I was selling my 03 one guy came by and because of a couple scratches he didn't believe it only had 220 miles on it. I said if I was trying to hide something I could have replaced the plastics cheap and he would have never known and if he wanted a new bike go pay 6200 at the dealer! :applause: Moral is, although it doesn't make it run any better people like to see a pretty bike

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